1. Biometric Land Management System

SAAR biometric based system which makes land management and related record keeping simple and accurate.

The document storage application is an online system where documents can be stored and retrieved for every login, authorization of login to be done using finger print controlled bio-metric machines.

The system is being designed using three phases normally involved during the process of land allotment:

  • User registration process and request for a land.
  • On approval of land, the Land Allotment phase.
  • The final phase, creation of agreement letter.

2.Complaint Redressal System

A software that automates the entire complaint process right from registration to closure. It also enforces service level policies to ensure the complaint gets attended within the desired timeline or gets escalated to higher authorities for their attention and intervention.

CMS helps streamlining the business process in a more efficient and strict way, while keeping a track on every piece of information required to access the overall strategy plan.

An always on conversation transcending individual transactions and interactions.

3.Concierge Management System

Developed for the hospitality sector, the CMS automates the process of interaction between guests and concierge services to ensure effective and easy communication.

Automated Administration

  • To streamline and manage Department's functions and operations by automating routine processes using computer system.
  • To provide reliable, up-to-date, full and authenticated information to the citizens through CRM Tool.
  • Management and execution and Start Up operations.
  • To provide timely accurate information to the decision-makers for analysis as Management tool.
  • To manage the internal workflows, controls and checkpoints in the functions.
  • To provide improved turn-around times, better quality and transparency while rendering services.
  • To conform the Quality Standards to achieve the consistency in the service quality.


Tracks and monitors a document on the move within an organization’s hierarchy.

DJMS - Functional scope

  • DJMS is designed and developed to computerize the document journey of Govt. offices.
  • System is multi-lingual i.e. we can use the system in Hindi, Marathi, Oriya, Bengali as well as in English.
  • DJMS helps to locate and track any file/reference along with their status.
  • DJMS system is automated with barcode management system.
  • DJMS system is automated with RFID management system.
  • It is having additional facilities like Application forms and Leave Application.
  • It generates various MIS reports along with daily performance report and Arrears List.
  • Extensive Administrative module is designed to maintain departmental as well as employee details.


A complete document life cycle management system.

Business Benefits - Summary

  • Cuts down instances of communication gap through secured and enhanced collaboration tools.
  • Ensures transparency in communication between important stakeholders across the project.
  • Protect the documents that are critical to your business to comply with maintaining integrity and accountability of documents .
  • Prevents instances of projects slipping either into cost or time over-runs.
  • Standardize the business and documentation process.
  • Low cost of Ownership with faster ROI.
  • Proven platform ensures compliance to existing and emerging regulations.


An end to end employee life cycle management system.

Future Road Map

  • IVR to capture attendance.
  • Ideal for Sales team.
  • Attendance Systems.
  • Biometric.
  • Mobile (Real time -GSM based).
  • Hand held (Store and forward based).
  • Time & Attendance based Sales tracking Systems.
  • SMS based approval work-flow.


An electronic system which has been built to assist government authorities in responding to RTI applications.

Online solution helps streamlining the process in a more efficient and strict way, while keeping a track on every piece of information required to access the overall strategy plan.


  • Monitoring the daily progress made on any application, along with the names and designation of the officials responsible for the request.
  • Online Record Management.
  • Online request flow and tracking.
  • Organizing, managing and monitoring of requests.
  • Faster and easy flow of requests.
  • Data integrity and confidentiality.
  • Review / ensuring ongoing operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Time based alerts to users and PIOs.
  • Connecting the citizens, department and agencies in an organized way.
  • Quick and easy access.

8.Mall Information System

A kiosk based touch screen system to assist retail center operations.

9.Newsletter Management System

Our newsletter management keeps our customer up-to-date with products and services updates. This functionality can be used to update employees of an organization or update customers with new product launch information etc.

Key Features

  • Create an email category which can be used to categorize all business requirements. Categories are added to each email template.
  • Create, view, edit, copy or suspend an email template. These are used to send news letters with product promotion or campaigns information.
  • This application helps to send newsletters to enquiries, leads, prospects, confirmed clients and pending enquiries.
  • In each email template user can insert banners, website and ALT tags as per the marketing campaign.
  • WebERP4 Newsletter management helps to track all the undelivered emails as well.


  • Our Newsletter management helps in product publicity and company branding.
  • Newsletter management helps in building long lasting relationship with your customer.
  • This application helps to sell products, services and updates customers with latest happenings.
  • Send company and product updates to customers.
  • Tracks number of newsletters sent for each marketing campaign. Tracks the response from customers.
  • Fully customizable and scalable.

10.Customer Feedback System

The sales game has reformed altogether augmenting the delivery of superior customer service due to economic slump setting innovative frontline standards for businesses. Customers being more demanding than before want to be totally sure before they make a purchase. They wish to experience a fulfilling seamless service, leaving them happier, contented and wanting for more. It becomes imperative to connect to them directly, listen to their articulated, unarticulated needs and wants before taking any action.


The market for digital books is currently growing rapidly. This trend, combined with the huge number of new devices on the market, opens up new distribution opportunities for publishers. The wide variety of multimedia tablets, proprietary eBook reader software and new formats (ePub v3, HTML 5 etc.) means that you need to choose an experienced and innovative technology partner in order to ensure the widest possible distribution and the long-term availability of your content.

12.SMS Based Sales Tracking System

SMS based Sales tracking involves keeping tabs on your sales activities. It typically involves keeping track of what's happening with your sales today as well as what's expected to happen in the future. Doing this can help you with resource management, sales forecasting, and performance management of clients and / or sales staff. Implementing an automated and integrated system for tracking your sales pipeline can help you better manage sales from lead to quote and through to completion (and beyond). Sales tracking can also help you extract data which will help you increase your sales, too.

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